Crème à la Rose



A rich facial gives a protective shell

The Rose Day Cream contains all the variety of rose. It nourishes and protects against dry skin, sensitive and prone to redness and enlarged capillaries (rosacea). The precious extracts of rose petals and wild rose fruits harmonize and strengthen the structure of the skin. Shea butter, rose petal wax and avocado oil prevent dehydration. The composition with rose medicinal plants, marshmallow and St. John’s wort strengthens the skin and promotes its own powers. Pink Day Cream has a harmonizing effect on the skin’s moisture-moisture balance. With the Rose Day Cream, the skin receives a care that combines the strength and the softness of the rose.


For dry, sensitive, red and mature skin.

In the morning, after cleansing and strengthening the skin, spread evenly over the face, neck and, if necessary, the décolleté. Roses Day Cream is suitable as a foundation. In the evening, we recommend the night cream as a night care without fat, or the cream of day and night.


100% natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics, certified according to the NATRUE standard


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